Certificate Course in PC
Hardware and Networking

This programme aims to provide aspiring hardware technicians with a versatile knowledge in the computer hardware field. For practical sessions, a separate lab is provided to enable students to get hands-on training on assembling and disassembling different types of PCs, Troubleshooting, Formatting, installing and configuring Windows XP, Windows 2008 server, Windows 7 & Linux, etc.

Main objective of this course is to develop Computer Hardware Technicians who are capable of configuring computer systems for usage starting from identifying customer requirements through to giving a lifelong service to the customer.

Course Structure

  • The Total Computer System
  • Introduction to PC Hardware
  • Identify Hardware Components
  • Motherboard Components & Bus Architecture
  • The CPU Evolution & Architecture
  • Types of RAM
  • Identifying different types of Expansion cards
  • Assembling and Disassembling of Different Types of PC’s
  • Hard disk architecture
  • Preparing the Hard disk drive to Install System
  • Installing and Configuring Windows XP, Windows 2008,
    Windows 7 & Linux
  • Troubleshooting & Maintenance