Certificate in Office Application

This is a program which will be helpful to everyone accessing a PC for their day to day tasks. Ms Office applications trained in this program will be useful for any organization to uplift the computer literacy of their staff. Even actual beginners or non IT professionals who doesn’t have much computer literacy can follow this program.

Programme Structure

Word Processing

  • Using the Application: (First steps with Word
    Processing, Adjust Settings)
  • Main Operation: (Insert Data, Select Data, Edit Data,
    Duplicate, Move, Delete , Search and Replace)
  • Formatting: (Text Formatting, Paragraph Formatting ,
    Document Formatting)
  • Objects: (Tables, Pictures , Images, Charts)
  • Mail Merge: (Concepts and Practice)
  • Prepare Outputs


  • Using the Application
  • Cells: (Insert Data, Select Data, Rows and Columns,
    Edit Data, Duplicate , Move, Delete, Search and Replace, Sort Data)
  • Worksheets
  • Formulas and Functions: (Arithmetic Formulas, Cell
    Referencing, Working with Function)
  • Formatting: (Numbers/Dates, Contents, Alignment,
    Border, Effects,)
  • Charts/ Graphs
  • Prepare Outputs


  • Using the Application : (Data base Concepts, First
    Steps With Database, Adjust Settings)
  • Tables: (Main Operation, Define Keys, Table
    Designing/Layout, Table Relationships)
  • Forms
  • Retrieve Information: (Main Operation, Queries, Sort
  • Reports
  • Prepare Outputs


  • Using the Application
  • Developing a Presentation: (Presentation Views, Slides,
    Using Design Templates, Master Slides)
  • Text and Images: (Text Input, Formatting, Pictures,
    Images, Duplicate. Move, Delete)
  • Charts/Graph ,Drawn Objects: (Using Charts/Graphs, Organization
    Charts, Drawn Objects, Duplicate, Move, Delete)
  • Slide Show Effects: (Presets Animation, Transitions)
  • Prepare Outputs: (Preparation, Printing, Deliver a